Islamabad is the 2nd most beautiful capital of the world. So, keeping clean the city is duty of citizen of that city as well as government. But CDA failed to keep clean Islamabad they said they have no founds to keep the city clean. Resident of Islamabad will now have to pay a cleaning tax. The Islamabad metropolitan corporation IMC has decided to charge its citizen a cleaning tax to left trash bags from outside the resident of Islamabad cleaning roads of Islamabad. The mayor of Islamabad, sheikh Ansar Aziz, has approved the tax which is applicable across the city. The resident of government quarters and bungalows will pay between rs.300 and 1000. For private owned houses will pay in range from 400 to Rs 4000 depending on the size of the house and location of the house. Every household in Islamabad will charged a fixed monthly fee for the collection of garbage. Government should take against this and take less fee for cleaning. This is difficult for a government servant whose pay is only 15000 per month.