LONDON - The UK government is expected to decide on Tuesday whether to ban equipment made by Chinese technology giant Huawei from its 5G networks.

The US is lobbying the UK to exclude it on the grounds of national security. Huawei insists it would never take orders from the Chinese government.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is chairing a meeting of the National Security Council at which the decision will be made - although it may not be announced immediately.

‘Technologically dependent’

There is speculation Mr Johnson might choose to ban Huawei from the “core” parts of the networks only.

The core carries out essential functions such as authenticating subscribers and sending voice and data between devices and is sometimes described as the “brains” or “heart” of a network. Speaking to reporters today Mr Johnson said he wanted a system that delivers “consumer benefits” without compromising national infrastructure, security or the UK’s relationships with other intelligence agencies.

“We are going to come up with a solution that enables us to achieve both those objectives and that is the way forward,” he said. Former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme he “wondered whether it was wise” for the UK to become “technologically dependent on another country”.