US Special Representative for Afghanistan & Pakistan (AFPAK), Richard Holbrooke has kindly remarked the other day that Pakistan is cooperating in the US-backed efforts for peace in Afghanistan but has also slipped one again that Islamabad needs to do more. Why should Pakistan 'do more for the success of a US initiative when infiltrators from Afghanistan are pouring into our territory to carry out terrorist activities under the garb of so-called militants? These infiltrators are killing innocent men, women and children, targeting our religious shrines, educational institutions and everything else we deem dear, sacred and inviolable. Pakistans own top priority now is to restore law and order and then try to secure civil nuclear technology from somewhere to overcome the debilitating energy crisis that is paralyzing its economy. But the US has declined Islamabads request for this technology pretty much decisively, on behest of none other than our old foe, India. That is bad enough for Islamabad but even worse is the realisation that Washington is now hell bent upon ensuring that Pakistan also does not get this technology from old friend China. According to reports in newspapers, a senior official of the State Department has said that his country would vote against the Sino-Pakistan civil nuclear technology deal at the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) level. That explains why the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, during her recent visit to Pakistan, had had not just bluntly refused to discuss possibility of a civil nuclear deal with Islamabad but held forth at length on questions raised and answers sought by her country against the Sino-Pakistan deal too. Not only does Washington refuse to give Pakistan anything itself, but the also wouldnt let it have it from anywhere else. If US is so to put it mildly'unfriendly, why should Pakistan keep doing more and more and more? -BILAL AHMAD KHAN, Lahore, July 25.