Senior Vice President PML-N, Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, suffered a brain haemorrhage recently and was shifted from Multan to Lahore. One feels sad for Mr Hashmi but even more so for the poor people of south Punjab who have no medical facility to treat a brain haemorrhage and people struck by strokes are often forced to travel to Lahore even if they cannot always afford it. I hope the Punjab government would take notice of the problem which has been suddenly highlighted due to Mr Hashmis ailment and the Nishtar Hospital Multan would be provided the necessary funds to create requisite facilities. One was pleased to see Mr Hashmi, a senior political worker, extended the courtesy of an airlift and being brought to Lahore in a helicopter but one wonders if the same facility could have been extended to someone more ordinary. The answer, obviously, is no so it wouldnt be un-appropriate to demand the facility of an air-ambulance for Nishtar Hospital either? -MUBASHIR MAHMOOD, Karachi, July 26.