The scourge of corruption is everywhere in Pakistan. However, much hue and cry is being raised by a few television channels about the growing canker of corruption especially the financial corruption in Pakistan society but regrettably nobody, not one television channel speaks about the corruption of time which is the greatest evil in the public sector organizations. It is an established truth that a majority of officers and somewhere ancillary staff also do not reach well in time in their offices. In the Federal government organizations especially in the Pak Secretariat it is noticed that a large number officers including Joint Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries and Section Officers reach between 9.00 am to 10. 00 am in their offices. One may face any emergency but it is futile to make a phone call to any officer before ten oclock. If anybody is in urgency and dials the concerned number than the Lower Division Clerk, nowadays many of them girls, new recruits who are boisterous, tell in their parroted pet words that that Sahib is in the meeting. It is national irony that at such meetings half of the time, they think they are talking business but they most often they waste time. After meeting there comes time for chatting and lunche then up to 2.30 PM that time is used in the lunch. In many offices seasoned officers desert their officers when it is time exactly 2: 45 PM. The public sectors time must be spent in service of the public interest and public servants must focus their attention on the publics needs instead of wasting their time surfing the web or playing games. More pitiable is the situation in the provincial capital secretariats of all the provincial capitals where Deputy Secretaries and Section Officers especially in the Sindh Government, do not attend office before 11:30. They leave their offices at any time. However, the government should ensure that public sector employees are doing their duties while at work from 8:00am until 3:00pm and no more wasting of time should be allowed. The Cabinet Division/ Establishment division needs to design a package to improve the performance of public sector employees. The government should also block the irrelevant websites and not allow watching of negativity promoting television channels, except Pakistan television and a few other information and educational channels, if necessary for senior officers who watch television in their offices sometimes. Above all, firm and strong steps are needed to curb the menace of corruption of time in the public sector organizations. An atmosphere should be created where the good, patriotic, officers should come forward to serve the country with pride, virtue, and honesty for the welfare of the people of Pakistan. In this matter it is also proposed that the capacity building and training institutes such as Secretariat Training Institute (STI), Civil Services Academy (CSA), NIPA be set up among others, sensitize the officers about the judicious use of time in the public sector offices. If not, then, this corruption of time will leave us no where. Remember. HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, July 25.