ISLAMABAD The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is stressing on quantity rather than going with the quality in the domestic cricket that's why the standard of cricket in the country is fast declining. Another major issue which the PCB is completely ignoring is the number of ghost clubs which are causing great damage to not only cricket but also a main hurdle in the way of genuine talent. These ghost clubs were only use to get elect a person of their liking and they have nothing to do with the sports. These so-called clubs exists in almost all the major cities. In past when there was a check and balance system, the country has produced world class players and a queue of players were always there waiting in the wings to replace the other. Now-a-days people managed to get select their blue-eyed persons at will which not only destroying the career of deserving player but also resulting in teams dismal performances. The PCB must hire a panel of impartial persons consists of past greats and introduce a strict check and balance system. Until and unless PCB didn't interfere the standard of the game in the country will continue to further deteriorate. The so-called administrators of the regions never allow the genuine players to come forward and always try to dictate their terms and conditions without caring about the consequences. The country is blessed with so many talented youths and the only need is to find and groom them without any discrimination. Rather than appointing regional chiefs on political backgrounds, the Board must apply a simple policy of giving top slots to professional persons who have the knowhow of the sports. That will not only help the Board getting rid of non-technical persons but also open the door for the deserving and suitable candidates. The PCB must introduce strict rules for the violators anyone found guilty of supporting non-professional persons or giving preference to non-deserving and such person must be banned for life for holding any office. Any delay on part of the PCB to enforce strict rules and regulations means more miseries for the players and it is also not good for the already under severe pressure PCB. The PCB must first change the entire structure of the domestic cricket. Local players must be given top priority whenever a department or regional tournament takes place. Encouraging the locals will result in huge local crowds which the game needs above all. All the major cricket teams of the world give special attention towards their domestic format and bring out the best talent from around the country but the situation in Pakistan is completely different. Here people with strong background get the nod ahead of deserving candidates. To put things in the right direction, the PCB must adopt a neutral policy by appointing a penal of former legends from different parts of the country and instead of relying on local selectors use the rotation policy by sending Karachi selectors to other parts of the country and thus apply this rule on all other cities while holding of trials or selection of regional teams. This policy will bear fruitful results and the impact on the game will be very positive.