LAHORE - The Government College Universitys historic Bokhari Auditorium resounded with Kalam-e-Faiz (Faiz poetry) on Wednesday as the University paid a rich tribute to the Old Ravian, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, in connection with the noted poets centennial birth anniversary. Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleequr Rehman chaired the ceremony, which was organized by the Nazir Ahmed Music Society in collaboration with Majlis-e-Iqbal and GCU Debating Society. Faiz grandson, Dr Ali Madeeh Hashmi was also present. The promising amateur signers of Nazir Ahmed Music Society presented several heart-rending Ghazals and Nazams from Faiz repertoire composed by the music maestro Tariq Suleman Khan Farani. Renowned intellectual and critic Prof Dr Saadat Saeed, Dr Ali Madeeh Hashmi, Tariq Farani threw light on the literary, socialist and melodious aspects of Faiz work. The Debating Societys public-speakers presented an oratorical rendition of Faizs verses in the tradition of the legendary Zulfiqar Bokhari and Zia Moeud Deen to the audience. Addressing the ceremony, the VC said that Fiaz was poet of humanity, love and resistance against oppression. He said Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Faiz were the trail-blazers who led the nation in direction of Mulism renaissance. The supremacy of human values and intellect is the essence of their thought which has the potential to revive the tradition of excellence which is historically attributed to the Muslim scientists and thinkers, he added. He expressed immense joy upon joining GCU as VC since this illustrious seat of learning amalgamates the learning of science, arts and above all culture. He said that he was open to all kinds suggestions and criticism and would love to be branded as a teacher, rather than merely the head of institution. Prof Khaleeq expressed satisfaction that the GCU culture had immense potential to groom the students into becoming well rounded personalities with streaks mysticism, intellect and scientific innovation. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ali Madeeh Hashmi paid glowing tributes to his grandfather. He recalled that Faiz father and Allama Iqbal were contemporaries at the university of Cambridge. Allama Iqbal wrote a letter of recommendation for Faiz Ahmed Faiz at the occasion of his admission to the Government College Lahore, he added. Noted critic Dr Saadat Saeed said that the four great Ravians namely Mulana Muhammad Hussain Azad, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Faiz Ahmed Faiz and NM Rashid advocated the glory of one-thousand years of Muslim civilization in India, Islamic renaissance, humanism and modernism respectively. He stressed the need to conglomerate the four traditions so as pave way for prosperous future for Pakistan, Muslim Ummah and humanity at large. GCU Urdu Department Chairperson Dr Shafiq Aajmi also showered accolades on Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Later, the Vice Chancellor presented shields to the guest speakers.