Iranian Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Salehi said Islamic Republic of Iran will not halt its peaceful nuclear program at any cost. According to IRNA Wednesday Night service, Salehi who was speaking with the Arabic News Service of Russia Today, said, Everyone must realize the reality that Irans nuclear program has reached the no return point, and that the achieved progress cannot be reversed. He reiterated, The reason why I say so is that the achievements of the countrys nuclear technology are far beyond the current level of our nuclear program. Salehi reiterated, In Iran various fields of the nuclear technology have become fundamental and major parts of our industries and the centers working in such fields are scattered across Iran. The Iranian top diplomat and former Nuclear Energy Organization chief added, We have already trained thousands of nuclear scientists and commissioned them to their tasks; how then can the west halt the process of our uranium enrichment program? They had better know that this is a reality. The Islamic Republic of Irans Foreign Minister said, We consider this as a test for ourselves, our patience, and our perseverance. No kind of pressure, nor any kind of threat, can shatter our independence, or our national sovereignty. He added, We are ready for paying any price and tolerating any hardship. Salehi added in his TV interview, The Arak Nuclear Reactor will be put to use within the next three, or four years and its output energy would be 45 megawatts. The Iranian Foreign Minister focusing on putting to use the Bushehr Nuclear Plant said, That plant would in near future begin its test production and send its produced electricity to the Iranian National Electricity Network. He evaluated Russias efforts aimed at construction and putting to use the Bushehr Nuclear Plant as positive, adding, Russia is Irans important neighbor and the two countries need each other. The Iranian Foreign Minister at the end of the interview pointed out that Russia is probably worried lest Iran would return to the influence field of the west once again, arguing, That would never happen, and I view the future perspective of Iran-Russia relation very optimistically.