KARACHI Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is currently suffering a severe liquidity crisis owing to the delaying tactics of KESC management, says a press release. Despite continuous reminders and follow-ups the power utility continues to evade payments to PSO and stands in gross violation of its payments commitments. While PSO maintains regular supplies to KESC and has provided approximately 47,000MTs of furnace oil in the month of July alone, KESC has not been releasing the committed amount to PSO and has exceeded by its FSA with PSO by Rs 1.81b. As per the governing FSA between PSO and KESC the monthly credit limit is equal to the prevailing value of 30,000MT of Furnace Oil. However, during April, due to reduction in gas supplies from SSGC, PSO being a responsible public entity enhanced KESCs credit line from 30,000MT to 50,000 MT of Furnace Oil.