LAHORE A sum of Rs 110,200/- was donated to Nawa-i-Waqt Relief Fund on Wednesday. The details are as under:- FLOOD RELIEF FUND: Muhammad Rafique donated Rs 10,000, Mian Naseem Ahmed Rs 1,000, Dr Nazir Qaiser Rs20,000 and an unidentified philanthropist donated Rs 200. FUNDS FOR STRANDED PAKISTANIS IN BANGLADESH: Dr Zubair Zafar from Multan donated Rs 25,000, Muhammad Rafique Rs 10,000, an unidentified donor Rs 10,000, another unidentified philanthropist Rs 10,000 and Mian Naseem donated Rs 1,000. KASHMIR RELIEF FUND: Mian Naseem Ahmed donated Rs 3,000 and Dr Nazir Qaiser donated Rs 20,000.