The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Freedom League (JKPFL) Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has warned that without focusing on the political rights especially the right to self-determination and the worst human rights condition of the Kashmiris groaning and moaning under inhuman laws of India, Kashmir will not be happy and peaceful. He was expressing his views on the joint statement issued by the Pakistan-India Foreign Ministers in New Delhi. He said that the talks between the two delegations had revolved between such issues which did not attract minds of the oppressed people and would not beam a dozen of sun-shine on the Kashmiris. Muhammad Farooq Rehmani said that the pre 1947 right to travel and trade would still remain a selective, discriminatory and controlled one and would not be extended to all the Kashmiris across board and could give birth to neo economic and commercial monopolization and exploitation. He feared that the narrow and confined process of talks would only ruin further the basic movement of the people. It could not create conducive environment for the resolution of the political issue as believed the agents of the regimes and interlocutors. He said the Kashmir was never a commercial issue and the people had never sacrificed their loved ones for some trivialities. He said every Kashmir in the heart of hearts was unsatisfied. They would be happy only if Pakistan and India through their bilateral negotiations called Kashmiris masters of their fate and announce their freedom from every type of exploitation and bondage. Therefore, to achieve that goal Pakistan and India must address root cause of the tension, and never pay deaf ear to Kashmiri complaints against black laws and army and police accesses. Till now the negotiators are traditional in their approach and cosmetic and superficial in their measures and have no concern about the right of self-determination for the Kashmiris, he concluded.