ISLAMABAD (APP) - After the demonstration of power production from coal in Thar, the Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) needs early release of additional funds for initiating the process at larger scale. PSCIR recently demonstrated the production of energy from coal in Thar, and afterwards submitted PC-1 to Ministry of Science and Technology to start the project at a larger scale. Sources in PCSIR said that Pakistan will no more be facing power outages if the work on this project is executed without any delay. According to official data available, current gap of power demand and supply is 6,577MW, and if the current situation continues then the gap may shoot up to 95,798MW in 2030. Sources further disclosed that India is producing 65% electricity from 4.5 billion tonnes of lignite (coal) reserves, while China is producing 81% electricity from 18.6 billion tonnes of coal. Though Pakistan has 186.2 billion tonnes of lignite reserves, but it is producing only 2.2% of electricity, they added. They said that foreign companies were working freely at Thar, and added PCSCR needed some time to get foothold in area due to certain problems. Officials in PCSIR were of the view that project for producing power from coal is worth Rs1 billion, and added keeping in mind the current situation of power outages, this amount is very nominal. It is pertinent to mention here that current energy crisis is causing Rs 230 billion loss every year, besides loss of 400,00 jobs, and creating problems for poor people of the country. According to an estimate, power demand in year 2030 would be more than 100,000MW. Officials in PCSIR said, PCSIR can play an important role in production of power from coal and overcome the energy crisis both in long term and short term. They called for early release of funds to initiate work on this mega project.