LAHORE - The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) department of epidemiology and public health is organizing national seminar on The Awareness and Current Status of Rabies on Thursday (today) at UVAS conference hall. Chairman department of epidemiology and public health Prof Dr Athar Khan said that the purpose of the seminar is to understand the prevention and control of rabies in both animals and humans adding that rabies is a highly fatal viral zoonoses distributed throughout the world humans are the dead end hosts. It is estimated to cause 55,000 deaths per across the globe about 56 -per cent of which occurs in Asia 44 per cent in Africa particularly in rural areas. Among the domestic animals dogs, cats, horses, are the most important vectors for the spread and transmission of this disease. Dr Athar said that in animals pre-exposure immunization in the susceptible domestic animals and in case of a bite from rabid animals to health animals is post exposure immunization is the only strategy.