It is but a shame that as revealed by Oxfam, our government has failed to take precautionary measures, like building embankments to save the people from floods this monsoon season. It appears that the government has totally forgotten what happened last year when a large part of the country stood submerged under flood water that destroyed agriculture, economy and claimed scores of innocent lives. It is even more shameful that according to the report, the amount so far spent by the government is less than what it has allocated for National Assembly expenses. At the same time, the report also censures the international donors who had made pledges worth billions of dollars to help Pakistan prepare for the floods but have yet to come up with promised money. It has also been revealed that not even the reconstruction work of the devastated areas could be completed and still an amount of 11 billion dollars is required to rebuild those areas. On the other hand, the UN has warned that 20 to 50 million people are likely to be hit by floods this year. In fact the governments response towards this danger is no different from the manner in which it has been dealing with other problems plaguing the country. Unfortunately, in the wake of the floods last year all that the Prime Minister and the President did was to make statements without taking any practical steps. In fact what could be an easier task than to build embankments? The present neglect of the dilapidated river system speaks volumes about official callousness. Not only that, there has been no indication that the government is ready to build the much needed Kalabagh Dam, which could indeed regulate the flow of floods to a very large extent. The monsoon season has already arrived and the situation around the country especially in canals and rivers is beginning to get really dangerous threatening population. The question that everybody is asking is: Will the government wake up?