OUR STAFF REPORTER NAROWAL - The Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Narowal has failed to ensure cleanliness in the city as heaps of garbage can be seen everywhere producing filth and bad odour. As per detail, dozens of TMA sanitary workers among the sanitation staff have not been performing their duties regularly and the supervisory staff has also not taken disciplinary action against them. It is learnt that about one third of the sanitary workers have been deployed at the houses of the officials; about 5% could not be available as they were on leave while the remaining 65 to 70 workers too have not been performing their duties efficiently and regularly It is to be noted that in Narowal city of 80,000 people, the TMA has 106 sanitary workers to regulate cleanliness and the drainage system. However, the current spell of rains has exposed the inability of the city drainage system to meet the sewage requirements. It is said that most of the city streets and also the DHQ hospital premises look like ponds after every rainfall. On the other, despite the residents complaints, no one in the TMA took notice of the deteriorating sanitary conditions in the city. Muhammad Naeem, Afzal Ali and Akbar Mughal, residents of Narowal told that the TMA cleaned the city only during Ashura-e-Moharram and Eids while the city looked like garbage-yard rest of the year. The citizens also said that the TMO Narowal was not cooperative rather misbehaved with those who complained about the unsatisfactory sanitary condition and drainage system.It is to be noted that the poor cleanliness and drainage system may cause water-borne diseases and harmful species like mosquito and other insects.