PESHAWAR (AFP) - Up to 100,000 people have fled their homes in Kurram bordering Afghanistan after the military launched an offensive against militants, officials said Wednesday. Thousands of families escaped from Kurram after the operation began early this month in a region where militants and Taliban groups have bases and training camps. We have so far registered at least 9,944 families - up to 100,000 people, senior government official Sahibzada Anis, who is supervising help for the refugees, told AFP. He said that about 1,800 families were living in temporary camps but many others had shifted either to relatives houses or to rented premises. These camps have been set up in schools and colleges, which are closed for summer vacations, he said. The government may extend vacations if the operation prolongs in Kurram. When it launched the offensive, the army vowed to clear Kurram of all militants.