Our Staff reporter GUJRAT - University of Gujrat Vice Chancellor Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin has spelled out the humanitarian measures he intends to adopt to counter the financial crisis which has overtaken the UoG like a bolt from the blue and staring threateningly in its face and to safeguard and protect the administrative and academic staff of the University, particularly young faculty. Talking to the media men, the VC said that all the employees who are working in regular basic pay scale and are hired on short-term contract for six month and less would not be left stranded and would be accommodated and a workable solution would be found to keep up their hearths. Instead of laying off or firing staff, the UOG is introducing visiting faculty category for our teaching staff and short-term contracts for administration staff for the interim period. Each teacher would be entitled to teach 12 credit hours for semester minimally which means he can teach 12 hours a week or if he likes even more and paid accordingly. This can create a win-win situation where the interests of the university and the incumbents both are ensured. In this strategy we can cater to our need for experienced faculty and on the other hand faculty keeps employed in creative and constructive endeavours. Dr Nizamuddin expressed his hope that the arrangement would not create much difference between the last salary drawn as contractual employee and the new emoluments. Those persons who are engaged in academic-cum-examination work in July 2011 will be compensated accordingly. Similarly they will be offered courses in the summer semester which is due to start in a couple of weeks. Along with market-oriented short courses and new degree programmes are being launched to generate much needed resources for the UoG. He argued that as soon as the financial condition improves the university management would take appropriate measures to ease up the situation. All vacant position for regular appointment will be advertised. We will gradually do away with six months contracts and special pay package contracts. If at all we are constrained to go for any contracts, they will be longer term contracts, he added. He said that the university management is making hectic efforts round the clock to meet the large scale deficit in the present budget, so that the staff who has contributed towards the growth of the university and for academic excellence during the last five years may not suffer. The Vice Chancellor appealed to all to stand by him in this hour of need and trial and collectively with determination overcome all the obstacles in our way to progress, development quality education and research which form the backbone of a progressing nation.