LAHORE - At a time when information technology is playing a key role in the development of nations around the world by disseminating information and creating awareness, the lack of professionalism, unavailability of the latest information is prevailing the majority of the official websites of Pakistan, and its subjects are unable to find desired results on these sites. While visiting the main websites of the government for getting himself/herself updated, one will feel the severe shortages of latest data, text too large, too small issues, layout problems, lost pages and loading problems. And above of all the websites security issues are also the main problems due to that the Indian hackers had repeatedly hacked a numbers of the main websites of Pakistan. The Indian hackers have recently claimed that a dozen high profile Pakistani websites are hackable. An IT official seeking anonymity told this scribe that the information was not uploaded on some departments websites intentionally to keep the people unaware about latest updates. Despite the fact that access to information is a legal right of every citizen, a common man cannot get proper information by visiting the websites of even every government department especially the energy sector, transport sector, railways, agriculture, irrigation, water and power sectors. The main reason behind this, according to the official, was the bureaucracys concern to hide the information related to various projects. By taking a birds eye view of various websites, one will find that there are no news and updates available at the while the list of the IPPs is yet to be updated at national transmission and dispatch companys web. The latest project information is misplaced at the WAPDAs pages. The online pages of provincials irrigation and agriculture departments need a lot of improvement. The Punjab government established Punjab Energy Department about two months back but it has no website yet. The most horrible thing is that the official web gate of Pakistan,, has developed the ministers name with portfolios on a simple Microsoft word page in such a poor font that a person cannot read it properly and also some ministers name are mentioned without portfolios. Khyber Pakkhtunkhawa main website with small font has layout problem, Blochistan governments web has many links missing including the important one the rule of business in the province. The Punjab and Sindhs websites are without the catchy layouts and need a lot of improvement. The websites of the AJK and Gilgit Baltistans governments are not attractive as they should be. Interestingly, majority of the MNAs and MPAs cell numbers mentioned at the web pages are not correct and remain always off. The IT experts say that in past the professionals saw couple of mistakes in official websites, including President, Governor Punjab and tourism departments websites. Majority of the official websites are using iFrames for the content to be shown while according to the professionals: the iframes might have bad impact on browsers which do not support them in graphical way. The experts are not appreciating the major official webs due to the smallest font for the sidebar menu and context. They are of the view that since the website are considered to be having international visitors as well so, at least, they have thought of incorporating different languages but with Google translation and most of the people are already aware that Google Translation was not a healthy practice to be performed on an official website.