KARACHI - When TV channels showed clippings of a meeting that President Asif Ali Zardari presided over at his camp office at Bilawal House to discuss law and order situation and development of Lyari, it reminded one of the old saying that a Picture is worth thousand words. Among those who were present at the meeting were two controversial persons connected to Lyari. One was the chairman of the defunct Peoples Amn Committee Shahid Baloch and the other was the spokesman of the same committee Zafar Baloch. In a press release issued after the meeting it was claimed that representatives of Lyari were invited to the meeting but many an eyebrow was raised when the pictures of the aforementioned two people were seen on the TV screen. They were neither the representatives nor the party office-bearers. Therefore, it was not clear in what capacity they were invited. The position remained unexplained even when questions were asked. Their simplistic response to the queries was that only those who sent invitation could explain the presence of the two gentlemen in the meeting. It gave rise to speculation that they were there because their mentor, the Senior Minister and Senior Vice Chairman PPP Sindh Dr Zulfiqar Mirza wanted them to be there without the knowledge of the President. Analysts who were approached to interpret the presence of two persons of the banned Peoples Amn Committee, observed that it indicated how the PPP would like things to move in Lyari, from where Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will begin his active political career in September, as announced by President Zardari. At the same meeting the participants decided to make Lyari a new district whose boundaries, as being speculated, would include SITE, Saddar and areas in Keamari. That district may be renamed after Benazir Bhutto. If these speculations were true, the MQM will be adversely affected. It is really surprising, analysts say, that when the meeting was on at the presidential camp, violence erupted in Shah Faisal Colony which once was handed over to the splinter group of Haqiqi led by Afaq Ahmed. History is witness that whenever the President is in town the administration makes sure that there is no law and order situation because otherwise it could reflect poorly on the law enforcers and also bring bad name to the person holding the highest position in the country. But the fact that the violence was allowed in Shah Faisal Colony only a day after there were killings and shooting in Malir/Khokhrapar and Landhi allegedly by the splinter group and some elements from Lyari sent an ominous signal to Muttahida Qaumi Movement, which is being cornered on all the fronts after they chose to walk away from a coalition with the PPP. Some analysts have gone much far in interpreting these events when the President was in the city. They say everything 'state-managed and may have the backing of the senior minister who had already met the leader of the splinter groups in the jail not once but twice. Nobody knows what matters were discussed between the incarcerated leader and the minister who was in charge of the jail department. His opponents allege that the minister had discussed plan to provide support and logistics to the rivals of the MQM so that they could surface again in areas of their liking to challenge the political authority of Muttahida. A similar kind of action was taken when the military operation carried out for eight years against Muttahida to neutralise it politically. But that operation failed to achieve its objectives and the Muttahida kept its political control on areas which were once described as no go areas When contacted to get his comments on the unfolding situation in Karachi the MQM opposition leader in Sindh Assembly Raza Haroon said that everything that was happening in Karachi was being done under a well thought out conspiracy. He said that anti-democracy and anti-state forces were working together to harm the unity and peace of both the city and the country. Analysts believe that Muttahida is being cornered and the recent statement of Sindh Local Bodies Minister Agha Siraj Durrani about holding of local election in November indicates that the MQM will not get what it wants and would have no alternative if PPP continues to pursue its objectives in this area. There is every hint that the dominating political forces in the province would push the MQM into Karachis central district and would give no space in any other area, thus to nullify the claim of MQM that it has hold over entire Karachi.