Normally a nation blessed with musical talent likes of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Nazia Hasan, Vital Signs, Junoon, Hadiqa Kiyani, Aatif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Strings & Goddess of Melody Noor Jahan to name a few would be expected to further its dominance among South Asian audiences through means of a exciting & admired media. Unfortunately, Pakistans music and youth-based channels have failed to do this in any meaningful way despite having Urdu as a language of poetry. These celebrities had to cross the borders to gain recognition in their own country. The Indian entertainment industry gives them hi five by patronizing, collaborating and featuring withPakistani musicians and lyricist. Today an opportunity has been lost by TV channels by not promoting artist through a proper platform. Piracy is a biggest concern for these TV channels despite having music releasing companies like Super Records (Indus TV Network) and Fire Records (Jang Group), but they have neither launched nor supported any anti-piracy campaign at national level to protect their own future. Another reason is promoting Pakistan music culture, particularly pop and rock music, as a niche culture for elite class youths culture. As a result Pakistans young generation perhaps more than half countrys population does not watch music channels. The GRPs of music channels represents the depth of musics grave. Perhaps because they are unable to identify with the VJs and presenters why because they focus on musicians who do not represents the masses. The brand managers, however, are playing smarter by launching branded content like Coke Studio and Uth Records, Sponsoring shows like Pakistan Sangeet Icon and Chotay Ustaad, Branded Songs by NFL, Lux, Tarang and how dare I forget WC 2011 songs from different brands. These songs have actually increased the mileage of their campaign; they are getting more space and time on screen in terns of Brand Incorporation in the song; fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility by promoting music and getting more brand ambassadors. The message is clear for TV channels and industry at large. With or without you, Pakistan music will rock on. So please dont stop the music and let the music play SADDAM SIDDIQUI, July 27.