In a free society, the State does not administer the affairs of men. It administers justice among the men who conduct their own affairs. This is how things should function. Federal government had made Secretary Establishment Suhail Ahmed Officer on Special Duty (OSD) on Tuesday. The Federal Government took this decision because Suhail Ahmed was ordered by the Supreme Court to restore Hussain Asghar as the Investigation Officer of the Haj corruption case. Suhail Ahmed acted on the orders of the Supreme Court. President, PM perhaps feel 'You can fool all the people for all the times. It never happens 'you can fool some people for all the times and you can fool all the people for some time but it never happens that you fool all the people all the times. Story of Suhail Ahmad goes back to one Zain Sukhera, front man of Abdul Qadir Gilani to Shakil Rao. From Shakil Rao to Hamid Saeed Kazmi, Pakistans former Haj Minister. Hamid Saeed Kazmi who was being accused of corruption in last years Haj operations was arrested fom Rawalpindi District and Sessions Court. Kazmi was the Religious Affairs Minister during Haj operations and he oversaw all the arrangements from appointment of Haj Operators to hiring of buildings for Hujjaj. During this high-profile case Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry at one stage observed ,'you people even did not spare poor Hujjaj. During the proceedings, the FIA produced incriminating evidence that proved Kazmis involvement in corruption during the Haj operations. The FIA had earlier detained Pakistans former Haj Director Rao Shakil and named Zain Sukhera, a close friend of Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilanis son, Abdul Qadir Gilani, as one of the accused in the case. The government is investigating the alleged scam in which thousands of Pakistanis were cheated out of their money after paying the Ministry for hotel rooms and transportation during Haj last year. Kazmis lawyer, Khurram Khosa, son of Punjab Governor, who defended the accused could not secure bail for his client. However, Kazmi said he was innocent. 'My hands are clean, I am not involved in any corruption, he told reporters outside the court. The scam was believed to have been worth millions of dollars. The Supreme Court has ordered the government to refund SR700 to each of the 26,000 pilgrims who had to suffer hardships due to inadequate arrangements by the Pakistani Haj authorities. An FIA official told the court on Tuesday that Rao Shakil had pocketed Rs 200 million through Haj operations. 'A major share of the money went to Sukhera, he added. Earlier, to this development a six-member bench of Supreme Court,headed by Chief Justice Iftkhar Muhammad Chaudhry ordered the government to sack Wasim Ahmad Siddiqui as the Director of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) within three days in connection with Haj scam case. The Chief Justice observed: 'The FIA failed to submit an accurate account of the massive corruption during Haj arrangements. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilanis son Abdul Qadir Gilani has also been named in the corruption case. The FIA has allegedly failed to carry out proper investigations against Qadir in the case. During courts proceedings, Justice Raja Fayyaz said that the Haj scam could not be justly investigated under the supervision of the current head of the FIA. The top court also dismissed the FIAs report on the Haj corruption case. Justice Fayyaz further said that the FIA was trying to protect suspects. To save the skins of Rao Shakil, Zain Sukhera and his son Abdul Qadir Gilani,the Prime Minister would 'misuse the power to an extent that Supreme Court appears just 'helpless.