Lack of accountability and sensitivity seems to be the hallmark of society in general today, but the apathy that has permeated deeply in us seems to have had a trickle down effect. A horrific and heart-rending incident of a young man drowning due to the negligence and irresponsible behavior of a driver sends shivers down the spine. Last week in Bahria Town Phase III a young man on his way home from work in the company transport, (ZONG Tele Communication) was asked to get off two streets away from home, on the weak excuse that the road was flooded and the swampy conditions might cause damage to the van. This happened when the heavens were mercilessly lashing down rain.

The boy unfortunately lost his balance and fell into an uncovered drain, was swept away in the torrent and his body discovered in the wee hours of the morning, bruised, battered and maimed. The family bowing suffered their fate in silence and grief. The following morning dailies carried fabricated and unverified reports of the incident, seemingly to protect people or Institutions. The tragedy is that will the company take the driver to task, will somebody take responsibility for his negligence or will it be swept away under the carpet, silently waiting for the next incident to take place. Will the authorities take steps to improve the drains by fencing them so that further fatal accidents do not occur, or will we all sit in our drawing rooms and talk endlessly about how tragic it was. Does it always need a tragedy, a calamity (National, Provincial, Local) for us to wake up and take stock of such situations.


Rawalpindi, July 26.