Facing rumours that the PPP politicians were contriving to create a situation where President Zardari could be re-elected for another term, Mian Nawaz Sharif has, at a press conference on Thursday, expressed the determination that his party would not let general elections be delayed. He said that the PML-N would convene a national conference next month. His resolve against the postponement of polls notwithstanding, one must remind him that his party has been stepping back from one demand after another in the past. First, it raised the slogan of “Go Zardari Go” but, apparently, the policy had not been well thought out and soon the party began explaining that it was, in fact, meant to seek an end to the Gilani government. Later, the PML-N joined some other political parties in demanding early elections since the loot and plunder, it alleged the present political setup was indulging in, could no longer be accepted. It was causing grave damage to the stability of the country, making the lives of the people miserable.

He has now warned that a conspiracy to delay the general elections to perpetuate Zardari’s presidency was being hatched, adding that the government was striking at the root of democracy and covering up its corruption. Mian Nawaz Sharif and other democratic political and social circles of society must make sure that no plan, if at all it exists, to delay the polls is allowed to succeed and that they are held on time. There is, any way, very little time left for an early elections to be called.