The Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) is an institute that is established for hiring eligible people for various jobs. There is the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) at the national level and other public service commissions are working at provincial level in each of the provinces. The FPSC is performing its duty effectively by conducting the combined competitive examination (CSS). It also conducts other examinations for various federal government departments on time, but the SPSC is in the doldrums since a long time, not doing its work effectively. Unfortunately, the SPSC does not conduct combined competitive examinations annually, but after an interval of every four or five years and due to this long period, the age limit of young aspiring people expires, which is extremely troubling for the poor, young and meritorious candidates.

There is a list of examinations that are to be conducted. I applied for the post of ASI last year and there is no information when the examination will be conducted. The candidates for these examinations are the future of our nation, therefore there is a strong need to reform the SPSC.

If there are political obstacles, they must be solved without further loss of time to help the young candidates. I request the chief minister, governor Sindh, chief secretary and chairperson of the SPSC on behalf of the youth of Sindh to announce the dates of all examinations, and make it mandatory that combined competitive examinations should be conducted annually.


Shikarpur, July27.