Chief Election Commissioner Justice (Retd) Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim, living up to the general expectation that he would be able to successfully hold free and fair general elections, has outlined steps to make that possible. He called upon the election staff to cut off any ties if they had with a political party and warned them of strict action against those found maintaining contact with political parties. He was determined to conduct elections at which no one could point a finger. The entire nation is, indeed, looking up to him to make sure that free, fair and transparent polls take place and his words that these elections would be a test not only for his office but also for the nation, and if they were able to pass the test it could change the destiny of Pakistan have evoked a sense of relief among the people who are resolved to do all they can to make that possible. The bogus voters alleged to be listed in the electoral rolls must be axed. One hopes that the list he has promised to announce on July 31 would have taken care of this demand, apart from the fact that all genuine voters are listed.

He asked all political parties to declare their assets by August 29 the latest at all costs. Justice Ibrahim wants to review the rules and regulations of the commission as well and keeping in mind the past elections everyone would appreciate this initiative on his part.