Rawalpindi - The areas controlled by Police Station New Town are facing an alarming increase in the number of car-lifting/snatching incidents while the drug sellers are also ruling the roost in several localities and playing with the lives of youth by making them drug addicts.

These were the complaints lodged a large number of residents with SP Rawal Division Syed Jamat Ali Bhukhari during an open court held at PS New Town here on Saturday. On the occasion, SHO PS New Town Jahangir Bhatti and other officials were also present.

In written applications, the locals stated that the auto-theft gangs were depriving them of their four wheelers round the clock even from inside the houses while police force is doing nothing to curb the menace in the locality.

They also complained that police officials did not want to sketch FIR of every single car stealing crime as large number of FIRs might put the SHO in great trouble. They demanded of the SP to take concrete steps to stop car lifting in PS New Town limits.

The SP, instead of pulling the reigns of SHO and other police officials, asked the residents to park their vehicles inside the house as 95 cars were stolen by car lifters outside from houses.

He said that Anti-Car Lifting Cell would be made more effective to hold the car lifters.

A former Nazim Abid Hussain Abbasi, in his complaint, stated that Pindora was among the scores of other areas where the drug dealers have flourished exploding drug trade and selling narcotics to the youth of the area. He said that some cops were involved in receiving bribe from the drug dealers. He appealed SP to bust the drug dens. The SP ordered SHO to launch a grand operation against the drug dealers in Pindora and submit him a report in this regard.

Similarly, the SP heard several other complaints lodged by public against police injustice and issued orders on the spot to the officers concerned to remove the apprehensions of the complainants.