Eighty five grid stations of 132KV have been linked and being monitored round the clock by Distribution Control Centre of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, said the Fesco spokesman.

The spokesman said that the monitoring of grid stations played an instrumental role in saving electricity and reducing loadshedding. He said that Fesco was the first distribution company of Pakistan that has adopted this Real Time Monitoring System for power distribution. He said that in Fesco, the Load Data Improvement Programme was being implemented. Seventy nine grids out of 83 have been covered in the system while 166 incoming points and 781 outgoing points have been covered, he said. A total of 942 out of 985 points have been covered and the accuracy rate of the computed information is 95.6%, he noted.

He further said, “Rour grid stations of 220KV were in the pipeline and all 132 grids have been covered. 7 LED screens display information of all incoming grids along with a watch list of 100 feeders. 4 desktop system provides 100% information. Data is displayed on the LED screen with 5 second gap. Data is being monitored round the clock.

This is quite helpful for minimising loadshedding, he added and said that the system was transparent and globally accessible.