Railways has been in a shambles for some years, in fact decades due to corruption virtually at all carders, lack of funds and lack of reforms to make it a profitable venture.

The death of at least 14 people, including children in a recent tragedy when a train rammed into an overloaded motorcycle rickshaw at an unmanned railway crossing near Khanpur village in Sheikhupura district is a result of this deliberate neglect that the department has been consigned to over the decades. Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique said, we should now stop accusing each other and collectively ponder over a solution to avoid such a tragedy in future. He should uncover all the corruption cases, if he is really as honest as he claims he is and make an effort to give marching orders to all unscrupulous officers. He would have to end the curse of dishing out appointments and jobs as political favour. He should appoint engineers and officers who are capable of running this department in an excellent form.

I request Khawaja Saad Rafique to seriously take steps on a war-footing to resurrect decrepit railways to provide cheap, safe and comfortable transport to goods and people.


Islamabad, July 15.