These pictures capture the moments after a swarm of angry wasps engulfed a postbox - leaving people too scared to post their letters.

Thousands of insects covered the red Royal Mail box leaving passers-by terrified of being stung by the ferocious swarm.

The post-sting swarm descended on the box in Sketty Park, Swansea, following the ‘queen wasp’.

Florist Louise Watts dashed out with her camera to take the picture of the natural phenomenon, before rushing back to her shop to take her flowers inside.

She said: ‘Apparently a queen wasp was the first to land on the postbox - perhaps she was attracted by the bright red colour.

‘She was quickly followed by thousands of stingers who completely engulfed it.’

The wasps buzzed around the box for around five minutes before returning to their nest on the side of a nearby house.

Passerby Peter Lloyd said: ‘I was too scared of getting stung to send my letters.

‘I hate wasps at the best of times but when they leave me unable to use my favourite post box that’s just too much.’

Wasps are commonly seen during the summer months and live in nests ran by a large queen.

They have a powerful venemous sting which they use to protect themselves against predators.

But no-one was stung by this swarm which had left the box by the time postmen came to collect the mail.