LOS ANGELES: Courtney Love doesn’t have high hopes that a Kurt Cobain biopic will be made.

The controversial star married Nirvana singer Kurt in February 1992, and welcomed their daughter Frances Bean into the world in August of that year.

Kurt battled depression and drug addiction and committed suicide aged 27 in 1994. Rumours of a biopic about the late rocker’s life have been discussed before, and Courtney says the project could still happen.

“I know that Universal wants to make the film but I don’t know that I want to do it until...” Courtney teased to the Huffington Post. “I would feel weird having a film made about me and Kurt unless I was actually acting myself. It would be too weird.”

Courtney continued to discuss past attempts by Hollywood to get her to agree to the film. She doesn’t have her hopes up about anything being made without her starring in it.

“There was talk of a biopic a few years back,” she said. “I think I changed my mind about it, but I did do a deal with Universal. Scarlett Johansson was into it; I was also into Michelle Williams. These were the people the studio offered to me. It wasn’t me choosing them. I kind of liked Anna Faris, which everyone said I was insane for, but I thought she kind of looked a little bit like me, and she was a little prettier. [That’s] the whole point of Hollywood: I was offered to play Janis Joplin. I’m a little prettier than Janis Joplin so it’s always like that. Whatever.”–BN