Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has disclosed that terrorists had a plan to kill him the next day of his Lahore rally, adding that his fall from a lifter actually saved his life.

In an article published by a British newspaper, Imran Khan wrote, "it is an irony, then, that a serious assassination attempt was prevented only by an accident – and the fact that I spent the closing days of the Pakistan election campaign in a hospital bed. The fall that nearly killed me quite possibly saved my life."

Khan sustained serious injuries on his head and back after falling from a lifter during climbing up the stage installed for an election rally in Lahore on May 7.

The PTI chief said he was also among the terrorist hit-list, adding that the then Interior Minister Rehman Malik told himself that the terrorists had a plan to assassin him the other day. "The authorities had already warned me that my life was at risk, and I had been given the highest level of police security."

"I had been told I was number one on the terrorist hit-list, although who the terrorists would be was anybody’s guess. There are perhaps 25 militant groups which now call themselves 'Taliban' and any one of them could have been hired by my political opponents," he added.

Imran also termed the May 11 elections as the most rigged election in Pakistan’s history.