Lahore - Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Syed Munawar Hasan has condemned killing of more than 200 people in firing by the Egyptian army and miscreants on the supporters of ousted president Dr Morsi in Cairo.  In a statement here on Saturday, he said the Egyptian people were holding peaceful demonstration for the restoration of democratic order which was their legal right and firing on them was condemnable.

The JI ameer said the killings on Saturday were the outcome of Gen Sisi’s call for rallies in his support to give him a mandate to crush the opponents. He said the army firing on Dr Morsi’s supporters was not the first such incident as there had been such incidents in the past in which dozens of people had been martyred.  Munawar said the Western governments as well as the champions of democracy and human rights were conspicuously silent over the bloodshed in Egypt. The question was whether the Muslims did not have the right to live in a democratic setup.

The JI ameer paid tributes to Dr Morsi’s supporters for remaining peaceful and said their struggle would certainly bear fruit. He also warned Gen Sisi and his coterie to learn a lesson from the fate of their forerunners, as a series of Pharaoh had met a terrible end in Egypt and now it was Gen Sisi’s turn. He said the Egyptian people had freed themselves from the clutches of military dictatorship spread over 64 years rendering huge sacrifices and they won’t allow any one to deprive them of their democratic rights. Munawar also called upon the Pakistan government to play its effective role at the international level for the restoration of democracy in Egypt and a halt to bloodshed there. He also appealed to the Pakistani people and political leaders in the country to raise a strong voice against the Egypt bloodbath and reject the military dictator there.