ISLAMABAD - Political adviser to former President Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf has claimed that complainant against Musharraf in judges’ detention case wanted huge money and UK accommodation in exchange for withdrawing his complaint and he is currently seeking asylum in the UK.

Talking to media persons here on Saturday, Musharraf’s political advisor Sarfraz Anjum Kahlun alleged that after announcing withdrawal of the complaint against Musharraf on May 16 in ‘national interest’ Ch. Mohammad Aslam Ghumman, the complainant in the judges’ detention case, started demanding from him a huge sum. He said that the demands of Ghumman were not limited to Rs20 million, but he also wanted UK visas for him and his family members and one-year free accommodation in Britain. “He started blackmailing us and extended threats of dire consequences after we refuse to accept his illegal demands,” he added.

Kahlun said that Ghumman got registered FIR against Musharraf in August 2009 as he was hopeful that one day he would reap the fruit. He alleged that the lawyer used the judicial system for his personal and financial gains and hence brought disrespect to the noble legal profession. Kahlun said that the recent campaign of Ghumman against the aides of Musharraf was also part of Ghumman’s complaint and he would use this for getting asylum in the UK.

He, however, said that the Musharraf’s legal team has filed a petition against Ghumman in the Lahore High Court and has also approached Punjab Bar Council for cancellation of his licence.