LAKKI MARWAT - A man killed his opponent in a public meeting of an election candidate Col(Retd) Ameerullah at Matora village at midnight between Friday and Saturday. The complainant Khan Badshah told police in his preliminary report that he and his relatives had gone to the public meeting arranged in connection with electioneering of a PTI leader Col(Retd) Ameerullah Marwat.  He told that some people started firing in the air at midnight and taking advantage of it one Inamullah fired at his relative Mir Abbas with his pistol. He said that the shooter escaped the place while Mir Abbas who got a bullet in his head was hurried to government city hospital Lakki. "But he expired near Manjiwala chowk while being shifted to Peshawar in critical condition," he maintained.

The complainant further informed that the deceased had exchanged harsh words with the accused in a volleyball match a couple of days back. Police registered a case and started investigation.                                                        GHULAM MURSALIN


Residents of Zangikhel, Mela Mandrakhel and other villages have demanded the Chief Minister Pervez Khattak to provide funds for repairing the dilapidated Lakki-Ummar Adda road.

Talking to The nation on Saturday, they said that the road connected several villages and it also interlinked rural localities with urban areas of the district.

They told that the road was also used to transport 'chak' and other products made of reed plant to the parts of country from Zangikhel, Mela Mandrakhel, Badnikhel, Jhangkhel and other villages.

Residents said that torrential rains had damaged the road at several places and it needed immediate repair and maintenance. They said that the dilapidated condition of road was badly impacting business activities in the rural localities besides it was also hampering the supply of products made of reed plant to other parts of the country.

They told that the provision of special funds to the communication and works department would help to repair the road and build a bridge on Chunai watercourse.