LAHORE  -  PML-N has contacted the MQM fearing cut in the vote for its presidential candidate after the PPP and ANP’s boycott of the election, remarked Justice (r) Wajihuddin, presidential candidate of the PTI.

Addressing a press conference at party’s office on Saturday, he said PTI launched him as party’s presidential candidate because party didn’t want to give the PML-N a ‘walkover’ in the presidential election.

“Victory or defeat does not matter for the party in presidential polls, as PTI being the real opposition doesn’t want to give an open field to PML-N in the race for the office of the president,” he said. Wajih claimed that he could win presidential election if members of various political parties voted in polls following their conscious and not their party dictates. He remarked that though the office of the president was just a ‘ceremonial office’ after the passage of 18th Amendment yet it still possessed some importance.  Wajih said, “Article 63 doesn’t apply in the presidential polls, as this election will be held through a secret ballot.”

PTI presidential candidate said PPP boycotted the presidential polls by exercising its democratic right, however, the PPP voters and the masses as a whole wanted to know the reasons behind PPP boycott.

Meanwhile, PTI Punjab chapter leadership, addressing a press conference at party’s provincial secretariat, has termed Punjab government’s Local Government Bill a reflection of dictator’s Local Bodies Ordinance of 1979. The PTI leaders announced to block treasury’s efforts to get the bill approved with the support of other opposition parties in provincial assembly, besides staging protests on the streets.

PTI Punjab president, Ijaz Chaudhry along with other provincial leaders, has also announced to seek the help of the court if the provincial government succeeds in getting approved their proposed bill of the local government system.  They said three sub-committees had been formed under party’s Punjab local government committee tasked to make recommendations for a real local government system.

They said one of the sub-committee would come up with proposals that would ensure formation of true local governance system.

They added that the second sub-committee would look after the constitutional matters, while the third committee would ponder over the delimitations for holding the local body polls.  PTI leader, Fareed-ud-Din is the convener of Punjab local government committee, which will oversee the endeavors of the three sub-committees.

Meanwhile, Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) staged a sit-in against the Parachinar blasts that claimed 57 lives in front of Lahore Press Club on Saturday. Like Lahore, the MWM also staged sit-ins against the incident in Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar. The participants of the sit-in including a large number of children and women were having placards and banners inscribed with slogans of their demands.

The sit-in started in Saturday evening with Iftari and according to the leaders of MWM, it will continue till Sehri.

Leaders of MWM say that the sit-ins were meant to tell the international community about the ongoing Shia community’s genocide. They said a series of such incident showed that Shai were not safe in Pakistan. They were of the view that Shia community believed in the Constitution of the land. But, they said, unfortunately the rulers did not have any interest to protect the lives of Shias.

Addressing the participants, MWM central general secretary Allama Raja Nasir Abbas said that rulers were not interest to from strategy to counter the ongoing terrorism in the country. He said if the government did not take any solid steps to curb the menace of terrorism, the 50 million Shias would be on roads.

Arsh 7/28/2013