KARACHI - With Glittering lights, colorful garments, shoes and cosmetics shops, Eid is in the air as shoppers throng to markets in hunt of good bargains for the grand day, Eid.

Eid shopping is in full swing. People from all age groups including women and children are seen busy shopping, which will continue till ‘Chand Raat’.

 Many shoppers were of the view that the price hike has created a certain gap between the buys and products. They said that many Eid related material were beyond their purchasing power. As the prices of children cloths hiked, shopkeepers complained that most of the customers are coming to look around and leave after asking the price of various products.

Major shopping centres and markets which are witnessing a big attendance, include main Tariq Road shopping centre, Jamia Cloth Market, Saddar’s Bohri Bazaar, Zamzama market, Shon Circle, Boultan Market, Jubilee Cinema, Hoti Market, North Nazimabad’s Haidery market, Karimabad’s Meena Bazaar, Bazaar-e-Faisal, FB Area’s Anarkali market, Malir’s Liaquat Market, Landhi’s Babar Market, Korangi K-Area market, Orangi’s Nishan-i-Haider Chowk and New Karachi market.

Samra Khan a shopper said that the shopkeepers consider Eid as once-a-year opportunity to gain maximum which is why buying Eid related stuff has become a tougher task. “Shopkeepers have raised prices but have "on Sale" displayed to hoodwink customers,” she added.

The buying trend is normal said Umair a cloth merchant in Saddar. He said that the people waited for the entire year and on Eid they used to buy essential items for their families. “Children’s items are in a great demand, because every family, whatever is its economic position, prefers to buy something for their young ones,” he said.

Pre-Eid rush in shopping zone has caused traffic jams in the city`s busy market places and intersection, particularly in front of the shopping centers and malls have become a routine. Number of barbecue and fast-food restaurants have sprung up either on pavement or on roadsides, have created disordered condition obstructing smooth flow of traffic.

Complains camps of the city administration and law enforces have been established to register complains of the visitors while at some shopping areas association of shop-keepers have set up similar camps.