The EOBI Scam reflects the depth of immorality to which our nation has sunk. Our whole society is circling around greed and the resulting corruption has destroyed our society. We have completely betrayed Islam, how can a person heading an organisation that is trusted with the money belonging to old people sink so low, but what is baffling is who is to blame for this whole scam. Were there any results to the Hajj Scam, and results to ORGRA Scam? All these are done by people who have millions already but desire to have more. The shocking news was that no one blinking an eye when they heard of this scam. We have become descenticised to the extent that we accept this as an everyday occurrence. Why create a hue and cry, what will be the result, who is listening. The best part is that the whole establishment seems to have taken part in the scam

A system based on injustice cannot survive and what can be an uglier, blatant display of cruelty than EOBF plunder. What is tragic is that not only any elected government claiming to be champions of poor was involved, but also a housing society called DHA, patronised and run directly by khakis for welfare of its officers, both retired and serving. The question is; was it kosher for DHA to be party to this deal? The second highly disturbing aspect is complicity of a controversial land developer?

When a state is devoid of basic ethics and responsibility, than anarchy rules and we will see daylight robberies and corruption become order of day. Now the second part has come, inefficiency sets in; which it already has, infecting every organ of state and in the process the state crumbles from within. Nobody in Pakistan would desire that this country becomes a victim of insatiable greed of few, most having either shifted their assets, or acquired foreign nationalities, or a residential status. It is the collective welfare of citizens and supremacy of constitution, which should reflect and shape our national interest and not the ill-conceived perception of national security, which justifies dispossessing the poor to feed the elite.


Lahore, July 19.