Islamabad - Operation Zarb-e-Azb was progressing well and security forces had cleared 70 percent of Mirali town along with its neighbouring villages, the second largest stronghold of terrorists, till Sunday morning.

According to ISPR, house to house search continued on Sunday. Two huge ammunition factories with stock were recovered the previous day. Thirty barrels filled with explosives and chemicals used for making IEDs were also recovered from two large underground tunnels during clearance of Mirali.

A massive IED, weighing 5,000 kilogram was recovered from Boya, and diffused by the expert counter-IED team of army engineers. Later when detonated, it shook the entire agency and the explosion was heard as far as settled area, the army said.

Army further said that 570 terrorists had been killed since start of the Operation Zarb-e-Azb. Ninety-eight hideouts of terrorist and 30 IEDs making factories, three ammunition making factories, number of suicide bomber training centres were destroyed during operation. Huge cache of arms, communication equipment, propaganda literature had also been recovered. As many as 34 security forces personnel embraced shahadat during the operation in NWA alone.

Meanwhile, distribution of relief items for IDPs continued at Bannu, DI Khan and Tank. One lac and fifty-two thousand ration packs (each weighing 110 Kilogram) and 53,000 special Eid packages had been distributed among IDPs so far and distribution of more packages is in progress. The army further said that 37,000 patients had been treated at the Field Medical Hospitals at Bannu and 20,700 cattle were provided veterinary treatment, while 51,345 cattle and 68,872 poultry had been vaccinated. Almost 44 tons of fodder was also distributed for live stock.


Online adds: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that operation Zarb-e-Azb will continue till the achievement of its objectives, state media reported on Sunday.

In a statement, he said the operation has been launched for elimination of terrorists. He said armed forces of the country will clear North Waziristan of the terrorists. He said success of armed forces in Mirali is the reflection of their strong will and determination.