ISLAMABAD - People standing in long queues at bus stops and Railways booking offices here is a proof that majority of Pakistanis prefer to celebrate Eidul Fitr at their home towns with their near and dear ones but how many would manage to fulfil their wish depends on means of transportation and top among them Pakistan Railways.

A visit to the Rawalpindi booking office, it is impossible to get reservation of seats beyond Lahore to the South as people are being told that all seats have been booked in the mail trains going to the south of the country including Karachi, Hyderabad, Rahimyar Khan, Bahawalpur and Multan.

People doubt the fairplay of booking clerks and accuse that seats were being given in return for favours or on the recommendations of the Railways high ups. Kamran Ali, a passenger, annoyed by the attitude of the railway officials taunted said that this was the reason for the Railways going into losses into billions of rupees. Pakistan railways has already announced running of special trains to cope for the rush but it has no capacity to meet such a huge demand in full. A railway official informed APP that it would have been better for the organization running in losses to run maximum number of swift mail trains on the main line between Peshawar and Karachi before and after the Eid and that would have enabled it to cover up for some. The situation at booking points of inter-city coaches at Pir Wadhai and other main bus terminals is even more distressing.

Though there are many stands of inter-city coaches of different companies but some of the passengers who were eager to book seats for Multan and Bahawalpur said they have been told that hundred per cent booking has been done by them till Monday(tomorrow), which will be 29th day of Ramzanul Mubarak.  One of the passengers Saood Ali who works in a government office in Islamabad said he is bachelor and at any cost would celebrate the Eid with his parents in Bahawalpur. He said the only alternative left for him after failure to get bookings from Pakistan Railways and coaches is normal bus service but he feared that there would be an equal rush at the bus stands.  Also he said the conductors of bus and wagons charge exorbitantly from the passengers in the name of Eidi.