No one knows if it was a routine ‘roll call’ or a surprise when Altaf Hussain started a telephonic roll call from London, on July 20, and came to know that the night shift members of the MQM Rabta Committee at his HQ popularly known as 90 were fast asleep, while the morning shift had not arrived yet. Enraged at this deplorable act, Altaf Hussain suspended 19 members, who were asked not to participate in any political activities. Later, all 19 members, which included prominent names such as Nasreen Jalil, Haider Abbas Rizvi, Dr. Saghir Ahmed and many others, repented and tendered apologies. Once again, on the recommendations of the same Rabta Committee, Altaf Hussain ordered to reinstate all the suspended members, which makes it nothing more than a show of power or his British discipline. I am sure no one found this very amusing.


Saudi Arab, July 21.