KARACHI - Sindh government has announced to constitute a committee comprising representatives of political parties, traders, industrialists and media persons to suggest ways and means to come up with the solution of the water crisis in the city.

Chairing a meeting of the local government and water board officers, Sindh Minister for Information and Local Government Sharjeel Inam Memon said this committee would be powered to take action against the officers of the water board, found incompetent and responsible for the water crisis in the city.

He said operation against the illegal water hydrants was underway in the city which would be intensified with the help of Rangers and police.

Sharjeel, in his media talk, came down hard on the PML-N’s federal government, advising the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leadership to refrain from dragging the army into political rivalries.

He said the conspiracy to pitch armed forces against political parties was bound to fail.

He said the Centre had begun making ill-advised decisions under the influence of some of its ‘incompetent ministers’, causing uncertainty and despair to prevail among the masses.

He remarked that the decision to hand over the federal capital to the army for security purposes proved beyond doubt that the PML-N government had failed in managing its affairs smoothly.

The PML-N government had no political vision, he said advising the federal government should solve the political issues through dialogue.

He said his party always believed in strengthening democracy and it would not allow a conspiracy to pitch the armed forces against political parties at any cost.

Sharjeel said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his party had completely failed to deliver on the promises they had made to the masses before the general elections held last year, including those pertaining to the provision of basic utilities and services to the deprived public.