Though politicians often claim to have learnt lessons from their past and pledge to display unity and solidarity in their ranks for strengthening democracy, yet in practice they seem to defy all democratic norms. They still grope in the mist of uncertainty, not knowing what to do and what ought not to be done! A confrontation is afoot between ruling party and PTI as the Government intends to hold independence celebration and Railway Minister has announced an ‘Azadi Train’ which will start in August from Peshawar to Karachi. On the other hand, PTI is determined to start its ‘Azadi March’ from Lahore to Islamabad on. Meanwhile PPP appear to be play hide and seek with both the parties and not making it clear who they are favouring. ‘Independence Day’ celebration used to be held at Presidency or the Convention Center in the past. There would be 21 gun salute and all the government buildings would be illuminated in the evening. However, this year the government has claimed to celebrate this for a whole month? Azadi train will consist of two compartments: one for ISPR and the other for the Ministry of Information in addition to the six floats projecting provincial cultures, performing musical concerts and dances as a display of their art. All of which seems to be distraction than a public celebration and a reminder of the celebrations held under Zia-ul-Haq, near Blue Area and D-Chawk. All this seems to extravagant for a poor nation celebrating Independence Day, what luxury for a country living on borrowed money, which it can hardly afford. Both the ruling and opposition parties seem to hoodwink masses. Perhaps it is their lot to bear miseries to enable politicians and their wealthy friends to enjoy such vulgar display of wealth. I wish they would spend their personal wealth on such ridiculous scheams.


Islamabad, July 26.