Almost all veggies rates, including potato, tomato, onion, garlic, ginger, cucumber, peas, lady finger, and bringle, continued to remain high not only in open market but also in Ramazan Bazaars, as the price control system of provincial government appeared to have failed in controlling the rates during Ramazan.

According to market sources, the issue of potatoes has not been resolved yet, as rate of potatoes is sticking to Rs60-70 per kg in open market despite several measures of federal as well as the provincial governments. All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Markets Association Chairman Ch Zaheer urged the government to keep a check on the Iran and Afghanistan borders so that Pakistan’s cold storage stocks and imported potato should not go out of country through smuggling. He said that government claimed that the country had surplus stocks of 1.1 million tons of potatoes lying in the cold storage but more than 500,000 tons of potato had already found way to Afghanistan and Iran through informal channels, lifting prices in local markets. In open market, the onion was being sold at Rs50 per kg, tomatoes at Rs50-60 per kg, banana at Rs80-120 per dozen, sugar at Rs58 per kg, and eggs were being sold at Rs 85-90 per dozen.

Prices of fresh vegetables including capsicum at Rs60 per kg, bitter gourd at Rs40 per kg, pumpkin was available at Rs 40-45 per kg, green tori at Rs 60 per kg, tinda at Rs 60-70 per kg, lemon at Rs200 per kg, cucumber from Rs 60 to 70 per kg and ladyfinger price is from Rs40-60 per kg.  Fruit prices almost remain unchanged as mango was available at Rs70-100 per kg, peach at Rs200 per kg, grapes at Rs250 per kg, melon at Rs 30-40 per kg, while water melon at Rs30 per kg and apple at Rs200-300 per kg.  The official rate of mutton is fixed at Rs500 per kg but it is sold at Rs650-700 per kg while the control rate of potato is Rs52 but it is available at Rs60-70 per kg. The official rate of banana is Rs81, but it is being sold between Rs100 and 120 per dozen.