Pizza Originale...

Plot 27, First Floor,

Liberty Square, F-11 Markaz,

Islamabad, Pakistan

Backstory: The love of a good cheesy pizza grows inside a foodie every day. A long (very long) time ago the only option available was Pizza Hut’s thick crust American Pizza with a good enough crispy crust and some topping which was better than nothing. As their standards deteriorated (or perhaps our taste buds elevated) room for local pizzerias grew.

American style pizzas were quite the trend or maybe they were just something everyone were used to. When in the mood for that perfect New York style pizza we have New Yorkers, 14th street pizza and Manhattan bites. I've had the pleasure of trying all three of them. None impressed out of the ordinary, but Manhattan Bites became the pizza the majority went for.

Pizza Hut's offering

Pizza Hut's thick crust American Style pizza

The dough at Pizza Originale is light, soft and filled with a creamy mix of the company’s own creation. I’m not a fan of pizza crust and even though I tolerated this one it didn't really make me change my mind. The toppings are given in a fair amount, and there is a lot to choose from. The chicken is well marinated and the beef is cooked to perfection.

Cheese is what makes the pizza. And this place has a reputation because of its cheese, which is poured in heavy amounts and is full of life.

Recently, my sister mentioned Pizza Originale as a new pizza shop which serves original Italian pizzas with a crust as thinner than mind-blowing topping combinations. I had the pleasure of trying chicken and spinach, roasted tomatoes and sausage and turkey bacon. A beautiful tomato sauce topped with combination of exotic cheeses had my mouth exploding in the first bite.

The attention to detail paid towards roasting bell peppers till they just touched sweetness, really made me appreciate the chef. The addition of feta and Gouda cheese enhanced the already rich flavor of the Pizza.

What make the pizza utterly stunning is the crispness of the rustic thin crust which looks as if it’s cooked in an original pizza oven. One of my dreams now include being alone in a room with half of a 12 inch spinach pizza where I could celebrate an epic meal time.