ISLAMABAD - Litter louts are one of the major causes of environmental pollution which leads to a number of viral diseases in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Rizwan Ahmed who conducts an anti-littering campaign along with his three kids on Trail-3 in the Margalla Hills twice a month, told that people should not create pollution by throwing wrappers of various eatable items, soft drinks’ bottles and cigarettes butts at public places.

Talking to APP, he said that these littering things spoil the environment for other visitors who could not enjoy the picnic points due to untidy environment. Rizwan observed that regular trekkers do not litter Trail No 3 but the people who come once in a blue moon bring meals and drinking water with them.

After enjoying their food they litter their wrappers and empty bottles over there without taking care of other people, although the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has installed dust-bins at various locations throughout the trail, he added.

Shaista Jabeen, a visitor at Jinnah Super Market, said, she is astonished to see educated people throwing wrappers of many things in the market. She said that it is against the etiquettes and does not suit a gentleman to spread viral diseases for other people at the public places.

Shaista urged the concerned authority to take a stern action against litter louts which are spoiling the beautiful and healthy environment of the federal capital.

Commenting on the issue, a CDA official told that the authority launches anti-littering campaigns many times during the year to create awareness amongst the general public about health hazards of littering garbage at public and recreational points.

He informed that the CDA has installed a large number of dustbins in different places to keep the environment neat and clean, however, in spite of that people do not use them properly. He was of the opinion that people unintentionally throw these materials at the open places that cause pollution.