According to one studies, the etymology of the word 'religion' lies within the Latin word “Religare” which means ‘To tie or bind together’. As the human race is evolving and countries are progressing, do we really believe that its religion which is acting as a societal glue and encouraging mankind to stick together or is it the other way round? Well, I don’t know about mankind but it’s definitely binding mushroom religious sects together and giving them a superiority complex by thinking whatever they are following is the best faith in the world, which automatically leads to the idea that what other believers are following is something to look down upon.

It’s unfortunate that all the miracles mentioned in religious scriptures i.e. parting of red sea with a stick, rain of frogs, staff turning into snakes, a wooden ark with the all the creatures of this planet etc. occurred right before the digital era or before the invention of cameras. Therefore none of this was recorded or uploaded on the internet. Therefore, we had to believe these incidents as they were conveyed to us.

The internet totally changed the dynamics of this planet. Everybody has access to knowledge therefore we cannot confuse knowledge with wisdom anymore; it’s only our experiences which will shape up our wisdom. Global access of internet also had a huge impact on religion. Today the word of God is not confined to any book or territory but it has been spread like wildfire on the internet and people got a chance to read and explore other religions. This encouraged comparative religious study. Mr. Allen Downey, who is a computer scientist at the Olin College of Engineering in Massachusetts, states in his study that internet usage in the last two decades has significantly reduced religious affiliation.

Some scientists state that mankind stopped relying on supernatural religious stories because now the internet has answers to all their questions; material possessions are catering to all their needs. Science has progressed amazingly in the last couple of centuries, explored mind blowing facts about the universe: today cosmologists can even model what exactly happened 1.0 × 10-43 seconds after the Big Bang Theory - but a Nano second before that still remains a mystery. So one can safely assume that the only thing standing between technology/science becoming the next God of this planet is the Big Bang Theory trigger puller.

There was a time when the human race used to worship Roman and Greek Gods blindly, but in today’s world it’s globally accepted that these Gods were nothing but a myth. A majority of human beings are selfish by nature and worship their respective Gods, not out of love or honor but because of the fear of losing health, money and their loved ones. If in the coming years, science is able to provide solutions to all these problems and could answer all the unsolved cosmology mysteries with actual facts and not just theories, there is a possibility people might declare technology as their new faith.

Do you think there is anything in this modern beautiful planet which can ever replace religion in the coming years?  If yes then what can that be? And if no then please enlighten us with your thoughts on what that one thing could be which could unite people from all the religions of the world. Please leave your answers in the comments section.