MUZAFFARABAD-All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim League President Mujahid Hussain Naqvi refuted a news item published in a section of press and the subsequent impression that he (Mr Naqvi) has quit his campaign for the presidency of AJK.

In a press statement issued here, AJKML President Advocate Mujahid Hussain Naqvi dispelled the impressions created by a section of press regarding appointment of Masood Khan, a retired diplomat for the slot of AJK president and his ( Mr Naqvi) quitting of campaign for the slot. He declared it as rumours and disinformation, saying he does not believe in such mudslinging. Mr Naqvi said that he is of the fullest conviction that the decision-making powers regarding formation of the government must remain within the AJK and with the elected representatives of its people. He said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan had got no lawful authority to nominate or make appointments on the offices of President, Prime Minister, Speaker, Dy Speaker, Ministers or advisors to the state government under any cannons of electoral laws or ethical, moral and social norms.

The aspirant for the slot of President AJK warned that if his way to the Presidency is hampered by planting an inexperienced retried diplomatic, he would unveil and leak the deal for the slot settled between the bigwigs of the PML-N last month.

Refuting the news of his withdrawing candidature for presidentship of the AJK, Advocate Naqvi said that question to that effect did not arise as he became the aspirant for the slot on the selfless and sincere demands of the down trodden masses of the state. He pointed out that his credential of being 27 years old Muslim Leaguer is his pride and sacrificing life in Kashmir Jehad is his passion. Besides, he successfully fought for the return of Mian Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif and their families from exile before the 17 member bench of Pakistan Supreme Court in 2009 along with Justice (r) Fakharuddin Gee Ibrahim. As a result of which democracy in the country was literally restored during Pervez Musharraf's tenure. About the recent AJK elections, he said that candidates of his party individually contested the elections from their respective constituencies, but he contested the elections on all the 41 seats on behalf of the PML-N, and much before the elections declared on record in media that the PML-N is going to win the elections on 32 seats. He claimed that the election to the office of the AJK President is thus therefore, his preferential entitlement and righteous due, by virtue of his merit, ability, eloquence, ability and proficiency.

Mr Naqvi said that he hopes that wisdom would prevail, failing thereby and in case of snatching the right of government formation, the PML-N and its leadership would be the ultimate sufferer. He said that he held Ghazi-e-millat (late) Sardar Mohammad Ibrahim Khan in the highest of esteem, but it did not mean that Masood Khan, (r) diplomat, being his nephew, in relations is in any way any qualification for the slot.