KARACHI: The Anti-Terrorism Court on Thursday granted the request to provide B class in jail to MQM's mayor-elect Waseem Akhtar.

During the proceedings of the case to grant B class in jail to the former Home Minister of Sindh, Waseem Akhtar's lawyer argued that he was a political personality and a former Member of the National Assembly. He said that Waseem Akhtar was also a literate person.

At this, the Rangers' lawyer said that before, people who became MNAs used to have passed only their matriculation exams. It was during General (r) Musharraf's regime that this flaw was corrected.  He argued that without verification of educational documents, B class in jail could not be provided.

The court accepted Waseem Akhtar's request and directed him to submit all relevant documents in fifteen days' time. The court also warned Waseem Akhtar that in case he was unable to produce the required documents within the deadline, B class in jail would be revoked.

Waseem Akhtar, a former home minister and senior member of the MQM, was arrested by police for his alleged involvement in the May 12 incident in Karachi, where 50 people were killed and scores were injured. He was also booked in a couple of other cases, one which pertained to MQM chief Altaf Hussain's instigating speech.