Islamabad - Now, a new study might shed some light on why this is, after finding chronic fatigue flare-ups can be triggered by mild to moderate muscle and nerve strain. It is well established that symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome can be worsened with physical activity.

Lead author Dr Peter Rowe of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD, and colleagues believe their findings point to certain forms of physical therapy as an effective treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). However, Dr Rowe and colleagues believe specific forms of physical therapy could be a possible treatment option, after finding certain body movements may provoke symptoms of the condition.  In previous work, Dr Rowe and study co-author Rick Violand, a physical therapist, noticed that in some patients with CFS, body maneuvers that put a strain on their spine, nerves, or muscles appeared to trigger some symptoms of the condition, including fatigue and mental fogginess.  The team found that patients with CFS who completed the supine straight leg raise reported experiencing more body pain and concentration difficulties during the activity, compared with CFS patients who completed the sham leg raise.

What is more, 24 hours after, patients with CFS who completed the supine straight leg raise reported more intense lightheadedness and poorer symptoms overall, compared with CFS patients who did the sham exercise.

Among subjects who completed the supine straight leg raise, those with CFS reported experiencing more symptoms during the activity and 24 hours after, compared with individuals without CFS.

Based on their findings, the researchers suggest that even mild to moderate nerve and muscle strain could be enough to trigger symptoms of CFS.

Bananas can save your eyesight

Bananas hold many benefits as they are rich in potassium, which ensures good cardiovascular health. But according to a new study, bananas can also save your eyesight.

Yes, according to this study bananas can prevent you going blind. This fruit contains high levels of carotenoids which is an organic pigment which is turned into vitamin A in the human liver which has the tendency to protect against sight disease.

Eye expert Dr David Allamby says the study could help combat vitamin A deficiency across the globe. Findings of the study suggest that Bananas due to containing Vitamin A have the tendency to fight against debilitating disease and blindness.

Thanks to this study, a cheaper and easily available source of Vitamin A has been found the deficiency of which is very common in developing nations. Furthermore, young generation faces this deficiency more than the older one.

Because older generations tend to eat more eggs, milk and liver which are naturally rich in vitamin A, whereas the health-conscious youngsters on low-fat diets are relying heavily on the beta-carotene form of the nutrient.