For many decades the people of Kashmir have been demanding their right of self determination. The individuals who have demanded plebiscite have been subjected to persecution by the Indian forces. Thousands of Kashmiris have sacrificed their lives in the struggle for independence. The death of freedom fighter, Burhan Wani, at the hands of Indian forces has sparked the wave of independence once again. Reports have been issued on Indian security forces who have been attacking hospitals treating the wounded protestors. Under international humanitarian law, this is a crime.

Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan by culture, religion, cast, and tradition. Quaid-e-Azam declared Kashmir as the “jugular vein of Pakistan”. UNO and Human Rights Watch should take notice of the miserable situation in the Indian-Occupied Kashmir. Killing innocent freedom fighters is not a solution to the Kashmir issue. Immediate action must be taken against the Indian forces.


Faisalabad, July 11.